Empowering our clients

At ATS Travel we use up-to-date technology for travel management, including:

  • The first locally developed Self Booking Online tool, with local airline inventory for flights
  • Fare checker tool
  • Reporting tools
  • A traveler tracking tool
  • Trip-disruption notifications
  • Unused ticket management

Self-Booking Online Tool

ATS Travel online booking tool allows travel-bookers and/or travelers, to book flights, make changes, use credits, allocate seating, and find hotels/cars that comply with your company policy. You can even enable pre-booking authorizations.

Negotiated airline, hotel and car rental contacted rates are configured and displayed at point of sale. Bookings can also be made via your smartphone providing greater flexibility.

Our effective training module will have your staff conversant and able to make bookings that comply with your travel policy. The training also includes an educational component on best purchasing behavior to ensure that savings are maximized. Back-up support is provided via online training videos and our support desk.

Travel Ready, Travel Safe

ATS Travel takes your Travelers’ safety very seriously and we have all the tools in place to provide for your travelers’ safety, ensure your adherence to Duty of Care and protect the traveler and your business from liability.

Pre-Trip Information

Prior to departure, we provide everything you and your travelers needs for thorough pre-trip preparation, including visa, passport, health precautions and confirmation of corporate travel policy.

Real Time Alerts

During the trip, Travelers will receive updated, destination-based risk levels and alerts, along with the ability to acknowledge the update was received.

Traveler Tracker

Tracker allows your company to continually keep an eye on employees, monitor alerts and plan travel, while taking into consideration all the risks associated with their destinations.