Specialist Services


Increased awareness of work-life balance and the shift away from the traditional office environment to remote working patterns allows workers more flexibility to extend their business trips for personal pleasure.

At ATS Travel we recognize that B-Leisure can make a business trip much less stressful for an employee, positively impacting job satisfaction, workers’ mental health, and employee retention.

We help you explore different countries and cultures during your business travel.

Green Initiatives

Supporting the issues closest to our hearts, on our quest to travel more sustainably and consciously.

At the heart of this strategy are goals developed to address both the environmental footprint and the community impact of our business and operations.

ATS Travel recognizes the need for both travelers and travel businesses to take action on climate change and to address our greenhouse gas emissions, and so we began our journey to understand and measure the carbon footprint of our trips to do just that.

Health Advisory

ATS Travel provides up-to-date travel health advice for itineraries anywhere in the world. All new information is assessed by internationally recognized experts in travel health to ensure validation and accuracy. Advice is maintained and updated regularly, for over 265 countries and 84 disease conditions.

Cost Saving Programs

Airline Management
Receive the maximum benefits for your airline ticket spend, no matter what the size of your company.

Rental Car Management
Our experts can minimize your car rental costs in all categories of car spend, reducing wasted rental costs by up to 40%.

Hotel Management
Make good use of the ATS Hotel Program or take advantage of our expertise on negotiating your preferred hotels. There are savings in the air, waiting for you.

Price Assurance
We monitor each reservation to find opportunities for lower costs right up until the day of the trip. You save.