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Business Intelligence Analysis and Reporting

ATS Travel offers business intelligence analysis and reporting on customers’ spending trends by analyzing their travel data in a modern account management system.

This account management system, provides all-in-one multiple dashboards. The information most important to you is easily accessible and a snapshot of your reports are presented in real-time through the customizable parameters.

Easy to read travel spend reports, in a one-page summary to track spend for various departments, locations, projects, or specific employees. It also offers a comprehensive drill down by providing the ability to see the individual elements that make up your reports, and understanding how each booking impacts the overall picture – empowering you to take action and drive change.

Your favorite dashboards and travel reports can be organized into different folders allowing you to quickly keep track of real-time and historical travel expenditure. We can also integrate with customers’ back-end systems so that executives can use dashboards to analyze spending trends.