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ATS travel is a reputable award-winning travel management company. It was established in 1998 with the aim of providing exceptional, reliable and dedicated travel management services.

The main focus of ATS Travel has been to offer comprehensive and cost-effective travel solutions, delivered reliably, timely and efficiently to our clients.

Critical to our success in this area is our commitment to getting to know each client and their requirements. This enables us to provide Travel arrangements that meet their needs at the best available prices.

Our Corporate client database cuts across different industrial backgrounds e.g. Banking, Multinationals in general, State Corporations, Parastatals, School institutions, NGO’s, Churches, Insurance companies, Pharmaceutical firms, Law firms.

With regards to Leisure Clients, we pride ourselves in giving our Corporates the valued added extras to make their experience one of a lifetime. This is advice from many years of experience in all aspects of the travel process.
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