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ATS travel is able to offer tailor made itineraries to clients to ensure that they enjoy their travels like never before. We are able to offer unique access and positive, practical travel planning experience to all.

Whether it be for independent travel individuals, couples seeking a private adventure, a family group inclined to find something to keep everyone engaged or friends enjoying a holiday together. ATS Travel offers clients the flexibility to design their own trip exactly how they like it. We have a team of experts to give advice and assist clients in crafting the ideal trip.

How to go about it:

Identify your desired destination: where do you want to go? We have a wealth of experience and knowledge about destinations and we are happy to share our advice with you.

When do you want to go? Many places are seasonal and so costs can vary especially in regard to costs and availability of excursions and activities. Cost of flights is also subject to change.

Number of people travelling: the cost and other logistics such as activities can vary depending on the number of people travelling.

Will there be children in the group? This can affect the cost of accommodation and itinerary as well.

Type of accommodation preferred: 5 start hotels will vary greatly in cost from 3 star hotels. Some areas have camping facilities as well therefore it depends on client preference.


Control: when tailor-making a package, the client is in full control of the package. Whatever excursions, trips or activities you fancy doing, it’s all weaved into your dream holiday with no worries about getting things sorted once you get there.

Different people have different tastes: Tailoring your holiday means that you can select activities that suit everybody’s tastes, and that means that everyone has a happy holiday especially if the group is large and diverse.

Move at a comfortable pace: when tailor making your package activities/excursions will be at the client’s pace.

Organization: If you’re on a holiday that involves lots of stops, travelling and accommodation, it can turn into a stressful experience. With a tailored holiday clients can ensure that everything is sorted in advance.

Budget: When booking a holiday, your budget is something that will always be at the back of your mind. Tailor made holidays have many budgetary advantages, for example you can decide exactly how much you wish to spend and put the break together accordingly. That way, there are no hidden costs and if you are travelling on a budget you’ll know in advance exactly what you’ve spent.

Privacy: Clients are able to enjoy their travel experience in private; they can also organize for excursions away from groups.
Flexible Dates: Tailor-made holidays allow the clients to choose the dates that are convenient for them thereby avoiding conflicting work /school schedules.
Flexible Difficulty Levels: If clients are not the adventure type of people, then they can skip those extreme activities by removing them from your itinerary.

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The original “out of Africa” destination and the home of the Elsa the lioness, Kenya is home to many different species of animals. Home of the big 5 it is best known for its famous safaris and the wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara.

There are several different safari destinations such as Samburu, Amboseli, Tsavo to name a few.

There are also tours which can be tailor made to suit your needs such as adventure Tours, Trekking Tours, Mt Climbing Tours, Kenya beach Tours etc



Hotels (range from budget to Luxury)


When to visit

All year round.

-What to do


-Safaris e.g desert safaris

-Shoreline activities

-Water activities e.g Swimming, snorkeling, deep sea diving

-Visit cultural Villages

-Visit the geographical / historic sites

-Enjoy nature and wildlife

-Visit Museums

-Visit national parks

-Food, wine and nightlife

When people think of safari in Africa, a Kenya safari is the one that comes to mind. From the stampeding herds of the Mara to the cultures of the Maasai, Rendille and Samburu, and the Pink Flamingos of the Rift Valley Lakes against the backdrop of the majestic Mount Kenya. This is the original “Out of Africa” destination.

Explore Kenya in comfort and style, staying at the very best luxury Kenya hotels, safari lodges and tented camps. These fly-in premier Kenya toursallows more time for you to enjoy game viewing and relax…

adventure Tours, Trekking Tours, Mt Climbing Tours, Kenya beach Tours, short safaris, 4×4 Trucks Tours, 4 Days special mara migration safari, hire camping and climbing equipment, hire Mountain bikes, wildlife safaris, cultural safaris and more.