/Word From The CEO – Safari Rally Success

Word From The CEO – Safari Rally Success

Pomp, glamour, speed and magnificent views amidst the punishing rocky and sandy terrain was the experience this past weekend in Naivasha and Nakuru as spectators and rally crews enjoyed the FIA World Rally Championship. The excitement around the country was palpable as the Safari Rally seemed to be the biggest event post covid that Kenyans could participate in and fly the Kenyan flag high.

All roads led to Naivasha and the hotels, resorts and Air-B-n-Bs’ were fully booked from as early as February. Kenyans seemed ready with a vast number taking time off from work to enjoy the beautiful landscape and wildlife as of Wednesday whilst waiting for the action to begin at KICC, Nairobi – the Safari Rally flag off.

After a 19-year hiatus, Kenyans are happy because of what the Safari Rally means for us in the tourism industry and as a country. Kenya is back on the WRC circuit for the next 4 years and so we will have a chance to showcase the beauty of our country and our people to the whole world whilst offering our terrain as a challenging and at the same time coveted rally win.

We continue to root for our country and we are terribly proud of our Kenyan drivers who took up 6 positions in the top 15 safari rally teams. We continue to root for our Kenyan drivers as they participate in other circuits and fly the Kenyan flag high.
What does this mean for us in the tourism sector?
It means that we will see increased business, rally enthusiasts and travelers coming to Kenya especially from all over the world as the adventurous travelers and rally enthusiasts enjoy more than the rough terrain; they will enjoy the wildlife and beauty of Kenyan people as well. Kenya will become a global destination for different sporting activities.

The increased investment in both the infrastructure and the rally circuit will also mean greater and better opportunities for us in the Tourism industry to provide high-quality services to locals and visitors alike as the country strengthens relations.

It is our duty to showcase the best from our country. We need to up our game to be at par with other international destinations and also to provide the best we can possibly offer and ensure that Kenya becomes the ultimate travel and rally destination.

Let us all strive to put our best foot forward.