/Tour The Northpole As Of 2024!

Tour The Northpole As Of 2024!

Fancy a trip to the Northernmost point of the world? Journey to the Northpole in the first ever hybrid airship ever as of 2024. Swedish company, Oceansky is launching tickets for the very unique experience and ATS travel can get you there. A limited amount of 16 tickets will be available to thrill seekers who want to be part of this unique experience.

Travelers will have a chance to land on the North Pole in the first hybrid airship in history. Comfort levels will be high as the airship is spacious and can be termed as the largest flying vehicle in the world. The crew and expedition leader have been handpicked for their Arctic experience, knowledge and prior work in exceptional high-end experiential travel in order to provide memorable experiences. Panoramic windows, expansive cabins, a 5-star experience and an arctic inspired menu are some of the treats that travelers can look forward to.

“The expedition to the North Pole is for the traveler who wants to experience the Arctic in a unique way, and at the same time contribute to the development of sustainable travel,” said Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck, chief executive and founder of OceanSky as he shared information regarding the trip. After landing, passengers will experience a day excursion on the arctic plains and explore the area.

The Airship which will be used is a hybrid aircraft, nearly 100 meters long and driven by four propellers. The airship can stay airborne for many days at a time and as a result of its extreme efficiency and lighter than air technology, the airship has no need for airport take-offs and landing.

OceanSky which was founded in 2014, after years of research and investigation into the lighter-than-air sector and are building business development for more sustainable alternatives in aviation for both cargo and passenger flights.

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