/Revenge Travel is a meal served packed, seemingly!

Revenge Travel is a meal served packed, seemingly!

While the word ‘revenge’ implies the nature of getting back at someone. Turns out 2021 is anticipated to be the year that everyone decides to get back at something: the year 2020! Many people had their new East African passports ready, travel groups created on WhatsApp and not forgetting how they had strategically planned their leave days! Anyway, it’s now October, many people haven’t ticked off those lists they had made at the beginning of the year. Much like birds caged up in their nests, so are travelers eager to soar back into the world of adventure.
So, what is ‘Revenge Travel’? Revenge travel is a term used to capture the pent-up demand for travel. This is driven by the fact that people have had to stay at home longer then they normally would due to Covid 19. Corona Virus has had the entire world on its knees quite literally! Revenge Travel is built on the fact that travel has now become a rare gift rather than a lifestyle norm.
The increase in Covid 19 measures has resulted in increased desire to travel. This is because humans are social beings in nature. Therefore, once people are comfortable with the measures set, they will resume travel. As for those who had cancelled their travel plans due to Covid 19, they will finally get a chance to re-book them. The potential travel boom is a cause for concern for some. Why, you wonder? Because it might cause an unusual spike in recently minimized, carbon emissions by airlines. After all, just because global recovery is picking up, doesn’t mean global warming will slow down.
The promise of a brighter future and hope for travel to be somewhat safe again, comes a ‘whatever’ attitude. The reason is that majority of travelers care less about the price tag attached to their vacation. All they care about is traveling, period! While some plan for the future, others are already finding new ways to take vacations. These include outdoor tourism, road-trips. glamping, camping, and other ways to get away without mixing with the masses.
In conclusion, post-COVID travel will be a whole new dynamic. Therefore, people need to be ready to embrace the new measures set in place to protect them. These could be by airlines: regarding packed food stuff and having masks on for entire flights or having to arrive at airports hours earlier than you normally would. All in all, if you are a risk taker willing to quench the thirst for adventure, this is definitely a concept you might embrace.
Is revenge travel in your future? Where are you planning to go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.