/WORD from MD
Rosemary Kaittany

WORD from MD

As we begin the month of October, we remain committed to our tourism goals as a country. We are fully invested in the industry because our efforts to grow the industry are coming to fruition. Kenya is hosting the AHIF – Africa’s Hotel and Investment Forum from the 2nd to the 4th of October. The AHIF is the leading forum of its kind with a strong lineup of global Hotel industry chief executives.

In 2017, Kenya was voted as the World’s Leading Safari Destination, Africa’s Leading Beach Destination, Africa’s Leading Tourist Board and Africa’s National Park. Kenya’s tourism has been on a steady rise in the last couple of years. In 2017, the revenue earned from tourism grew by 20.3% compared to the previous year. These are just some of the reasons why Kenya is a strategic destination for the AHIF.

This is a wonderful opportunity for us a country because it is a launch pad for innovation, tourism and investments opportunities in the hotel industry and thereby also the tourism industry. The highest caliber of international investors and hotel executives will be at the meeting.

This means business leaders will be able to connect with hotel and investment talents from both local and international markets. We will also be able to benefit as a country because other than the building and strengthening of networks, we will be able to gain investment in our tourism sector, infrastructure investment, and development, also hotel developments and new tourism ideas and projects.

The event will facilitate growth and networking. The increased investment will also mean greater and better opportunities for us to provide high-quality services to locals and visitors alike.

We look forward to providing the best and ensuring that Kenya receives more world travel awards and becomes the premier travel destination.