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The Evolution of Travel in Kenya

by Caroline Kariuki

Early this year, Federal Aviation Administration announced that JKIA had been given a Category 1 rating under the agency’s International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) program. This means Kenya’s civil aviation authority meets International Civil Aviation Organization standards (ICAO). This rating will allow for direct flights between Kenya and the US. Kenya is the 8th country in Africa to get the rating.

This news was met with lots of positive hopes because it means that people and products will spend less time En route between the home of the wildebeest migration and the land of the brave. National carrier Kenya Airways thereafter announced the launching of their direct from Nairobi to New York.

Nairobi as a capital city is a special treat for visitors, it is widely known as the safari capital of the world. It was also placed third among the top destinations by trip advisor for the year 2018.  Visitors are sometimes treated to wildlife scenery as they leave the airport when animals wander close to the National Park fence. The animals that call the park home include zebra’s, giraffes’, buffalo, wildebeest, rhino, cheetah and lions. Visitors can also take safaris in the park and the more adventurous can have picnics and go camping at the park which is 20 minutes’ drive from the city center.

ATS-Travel-The-Evolution-of-Travel-in-Nairobi-blog-zebras-image The Evolution of Travel in Kenya

To experience the Kenyan culture in an in-depth manner, Bomas of Kenya is the best place to do so. Visitors can see and experience the cultural diversity of the 42 Kenyan tribes through music, dance, art and food as displayed at the Bomas. There are also more than 20 different Bomas( homesteads) representing different Kenyan tribes. Visitors are also encouraged to join in the dance or the acrobatic show.

Across the road from Bomas is the National Park which is home to lots of different animals. Among them are the orphaned baby elephants that are found at the Daphne Sheldrick Wildlife trust which is inside the park. Baby elephants are brought in for their feeding (with bottles) and mud bath and young and old alike enjoy the scenes of the baby elephants rolling around in the mud. There are opportunities to adopt a baby elephant as well.

ATS-Travel-The-Evolution-of-Travel-in-Kenya-blog-David-Shadrick-Elephant-Orphanage The Evolution of Travel in Kenya

Feeding and petting of the endangered, Rothschild giraffe is also a must do when in Nairobi. This can be done at the Giraffe center where visitors can get up close and personal with the lovely, tall, endangered animals. The Giraffe center is famous as a Nature Education Center the world over. The Rothschild giraffe, warthogs and birds are among the animals that are found at the center. The Food pellets are available at the center and visitors are encouraged to feed the gentle giraffes from the raised platform.

Visitors should also visit the Karen Blixen museum which is in Karen area, 10 kms away from the city center. The museum is famous as the setting for the world-famous novel and movie “Out of Africa”. Out of Africa was a memoir by Karen Blixen which depicted her love affair with English man, Denis Finch Hatton and her attempt at running a 4500 acre farm, 600 of which was a coffee farm. The decadent farmhouse sits on luscious gardens with a backdrop of indigenous forest.

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