Business Trips

A lot of times travel and business go hand in hand, whether its to meet clients, review products, find resources, every business deals with an element of travel in one way or another.

ATS Travel LTD has over the past two decades developed and customized travel management solutions for a large variety of businesses. Our doors are open to all, from the recently formed chama to the global corporation.

Our Corporate Department, specializes in :

  • factory trips;
  • business expos;
  • product learning trips;
  • global, regional and local conference trips ;
  • MICE;
  • incentive travel;

Travel Management Services

  1. Development of corporate Travel Policy
  2. Effective travel management consultancy
  3. Travel quality control
  4. Travel Management Reporting
  5. Travel & procurement policy compliance audits
  6. Pre-trip audits on itineraries for lower cost & discounted rates

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Best Seasons:All Year Round
Popular Location:Singapore, London, Guangzhou, Dubai

Business Trips

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Uniquely Singapore

4 Days

The unique and vibrant island city of Singapore is home to a large variety of sights and sounds. A world renowned business hub, its the perfect destination for the urbane business individual or the curious millenial. From amazing street food…

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