Word from the MD – February 2020

Africa - 17th Feb 2020

This month started on a sad note this year with the announcement of the death of the second President of Kenya, His Excellency Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi. This is a major loss for Kenya, Africa and the world as we have lost a true statesman.

He made a lot of inroads in Education, Health and Tourism sectors.  Health wise, he initiated Nyayo wards in hospitals across the country, which resulted in accessible healthcare and in-patient facilities for people across the country.

In the Education sector, he introduced the fondly remembered, “Maziwa ya Nyayo “; free milk programme that was introduced in primary schools in 1980 and was fully funded by the government. The main aim was to keep school children healthy. A former teacher, he was aware that many school going children did not have 3 square meals a day and this was a step to encourage school attendance and therefore increased learning opportunities.

A teacher by profession, he believed in education for all children and he championed education for the girl child. He built girls’ schools across the country; Moi girl’s schools, State House girls and many more.  He understood the importance of equipping children especially the girl-child with an education and what it means for the growth of the county.

He also contributed to the tourism sector by lobbying for a ban on the trading of ivory by igniting 12 tons of elephant tusks in 1989. This iconic gesture put wheels in motion into the pushing for a ban of ivory trade and hunting of elephants in Africa a cause which Kenya fights to date. This has helped to increase the elephant population in Kenya and also the East African countries which have adopted it. We in the tourism sector, have benefitted from this as more and more people have invested in the conservation efforts of both rhinos and elephants and it has boosted tourism with an increase in the number of tourists who visit the country. This has had a positive and lasting effect on our tourism industry, which continues to benefit the country.

He will forever be remembered as a true Statesman and his Legacy will live on.