Travelling While Green

Events - 6th Apr 2020

Reducing the carbon footprint is a conscious effort by most people in this day and age. However, sometimes, we are forced to travel due to one reason or another. Although this may leave us feeling conflicted with regards to the impact on the environment, it is a necessary evil. We have listed some suggestions on how you can travel without causing too much damage to the environment.

Fly Economy

Business boasts comfort and luxury perks however a BBC report recently explained carbon emissions per passenger are about three times higher for business class passengers. If you worry about the carbon emissions, fly economy plus it will save you some money.

Direct Flights

If you must travel via air, try to use direct routes. Landings and takeoffs burn the most fuel and are also quite taxing on the body. Save yourself some fatigue and book a direct flight.

Re-useable bottles

Stainless steel bottles are a worthy item to have. When we compare to disposable plastics, they are healthier for the planet and also for your body. Stainless steel straws and portable reusable coffee mugs (flasks) also reduce our plastic consumption while easing up on expenses.

Use Carry-on luggage

Carrying around extra baggage? This will give you less of a headache and at the same time reduces the aircraft consumption. Guess what this means for you, less baggage fees and increased savings.

Alternative transportation

If you are travelling in Europe or Asia the extremely developed train transportation system has a great deal to offer.  High speed trains, comfort seating, free Wi-Fi and amazing views can be enjoyed aboard the trains. This can also be a cost effective mode of travel.

Rent Hybrid/electric cars

If you must rent a car while travelling, use a hybrid or electric car for your travels. If these options are not available, choose the smallest vehicle with the least fuel consumption.


If you have meetings around your hotel then a short walk will do you no harm. In fact, it is quite healthy and is encouraged to help fight off that dreadful jetlag. Try to avoid using vehicles for very short distances.


Leaving an empty house? Before locking up, turn off the lights and unplug all electronics (since they can drain power even when not turned on). This will also help you avoid those crazy power bills especially if you travel for long periods of time. Better still should there be a power surge, your electric appliances will be spared.

Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!

Recycle every single place you go- airports, hotels and even at the office make sure you recycle and separate the trash.

 A la Carte Meals

Buffet meals are enjoyed everywhere but let’s be real, how many items do you actually eat from the buffet table? Very few! If possible, request for a la carte meals to help curb waste. If this option is not available, select only what you know you can finish and try not to waste.

 Buy Local

When and wherever you travel, buy local products whenever possible instead of buying products that have been flown or shipped in from overseas. However, do not buy souvenirs or other products made from endangered animals or plants. In most cases, you can’t get them through customs anyway.

 These are our top suggestions on how we can positively impact the environment when we travel. What suggestions do you have that you can share with us?