Making The Most Out Of Your Hotel Stay

Editorial - 31st Aug 2018

Its human nature to make the most out of everything, and research shows that when we book hotel accommodation, we want to ensure that we maximize on everything possible out of the stay, and this is the reason why almost 98% of people will carry the tiny shampoo and lotion bottles! haha…

At ATS Travel, we are always on top of our game when it comes to advising our clients on the best way to maximize every hotel stay.

1. Early check-in/Late checkout.
The recommended check-in time at most hotel facilities is habitually 9 am but did you know that you can have an early check-in at no extra cost. All you need to do is just ask, In most cases if there is availability the reservations desk will allow you to have an early check-in. Therefore, do not be afraid to ask. If there is no availability the hotel will give a safe place where you can store your luggage and freshen up if need be as you wait.

2. Complimentary room upgrade.
Oh yes! You read it right. You can request a room upgrade at no cost. But how you request for it matters. Do not go bragging about who you are or who you know, politely request. The hotel staff are, as a rule very good and, till hell freezes over aim at pleasing guests, so you might just be lucky to get a room upgrade that would cost more than you actually pay for. When having special occasions like anniversaries or a birthday, the hotel can consider your request, but based on availability. However, request for the upgrade when other guests are not waiting in line for check-in.

3. Use of hotel facilities
Most hotel facilities and amenities are open to in-house fact, some hotels reserve their best amenities to in-house guests only. Check out what facilities your hotel has. Swimming, the gym and of course WIFI are some of the facilities that you can make the most of during your hotel stay.

4.Low season.
We thought that we should let you know that you can get up to 50% discount on hotel charges during the low season. Forget about the Easter and Christmas deals when masses want to travel, the best deals are during the low season. Not forgetting that during this period you are likely to receive top dog treatment from hotel staff as they are not overwhelmed. Next time you plan to travel on a low budget, consider doing so during the off-peak season.

5. Sign up for ATS Newsletter to get the latest offers.
Hotels Will regularly give offers to travel agents whenever they whim to have increased traffic to their hotels. Our newsletter consistently highlights these offers consequently once you sign up for the newsletter, you receive updates on these offers for both local and international destinations every month. What a better way to the legitimate information at any time.

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