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Increased Automation In Travel Industry and Effects

Corporate Travel - 6th Apr 2020

The future is beckoning and if the changes in technology are anything to go by, the world will be very different from...

Revenge Travel is a meal served packed, seemingly!

Africa - 16th Nov 2020

While the word ‘revenge’ implies the nature of getting back at someone. Turns out 2021 is anticipated to ...

Japan’s “Hidden Christian” Site added to World Heritage List

News - 23rd Aug 2018

Japan, better known for its Samurais and sushi, now have a total of 18 cultural and 4 natural sites according to 42nd...

Tour The Northpole As Of 2024!

Events - 14th Jun 2021

Fancy a trip to the Northernmost point of the world? Journey to the Northpole in the first ever hybrid airship ever a...

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