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68 visa-free and visa-on-arrival destinations for Kenyan travelers

By Elizabeth Ndembei

Lack of money has always been an excuse not to travel, as shocking as this may sound, money is not a hindrance. Strict visa guidelines and regulations imposed by countries on getting a tourist visa is the reason why we don’t get to travel as much as we would like. The urge to discover new adventures, beaches, cultures and the mind-boggling food is only a visa approval away.

Are you a Kenyan looking to travel without visa restrictions? As of 2017, Kenyan passport is ranked at number 68 in the world. Kenyans can travel visa-free or obtain a visa on arrival in 68 countries and territories around the world. Visa conditions in the 68 visa-free and visa on arrival destinations all have different conditions e.g. 30 days limit, must have a return ticket, hotel reservation, and processing fee for the visa on arrival destinations.

Here are 36 luxurious countries and territories that are visa-free for Kenyans

1) Antigua and Barbuda
2) Bahamas
3) Barbados
4) Botswana
5) Burundi
6) Hong Kong
7) Dominica
8) Eritrea
9) Ethiopia
10) Fiji
11) Gambia
12) Ghana
13) Grenada
14) Haiti
15) Indonesia
16) Jamaica
17) Kiribati
18) Lesotho
19) Malawi
20) Malaysia
21) Mauritius
22) Micronesia
23) Namibia
24) Panama
25) Philippines
26) Saint Kitts and Nevis
27) Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
28) Senegal
29) Singapore
30) Swaziland
31) Tanzania
32) Trinidad and Tobago
33) Uganda
34) Vanuatu
35) Zambia
36) Zimbabwe

Here are 32 gorgeous destinations that you can get a visa on arrival and electronically


1) Bolivia
2) Burkina Faso
3) Cambodia
4) Cape Verde
5) Comoros
6) Democratic Republic of the Congo
7) Djibouti
8) Guinea-Bissau
9) Iran
10) Laos
11) Madagascar
12) Maldives
13) Mali
14) Mauritania
15) Nepal
16) Nigeria
17) Palau
18) Rwanda
19) Saint Lucia
20) Samoa
21) Seychelles
22) Sierra Leone
23) South Sudan
24) Sudan
25) Timor-Leste
26) Togo
27) Tuvalu


1) Bahrain
2) Gabon
3) Georgia
4) India
5) Sri Lanka

Travel destinations are not limited by visas anymore; it’s your call where you wish to travel of the 68 visa-free and visa on arrival destinations. It’s said, it’s not about the money, it’s about the experiences and memories made.

How many of the 68 destinations have you visited and which one was your favorite? Share with us your travel experiences.

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